Body Whisperer Book 1 Recommendation

Book 1

Author: Medical Examiner Dr Qin Ming

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Recommendation (?)

In the classic detective novel, the great detectives said “In every *detailed end, there has to be a specific reason behind, and that is the truth.”

In the process of a realistic case examination, some investigators said “In every detailed end, there exists over thousands of possible causes, do not make granted assumptions. The truth needs evidence from multiple angles to support for it to be revealed.”

I prefer the latter’s view.

In a real case investigation, professionals work together across sectors to face the same case via the use of criminalistics, trace impression evidence analysis, forensic document examination, *audio-visual data identification, forensic and physicochemical analysis and more to look for subtle clues from different angles. Thus building a stable and reliable evidence to support and reach to the truth. Forensic medical examiners is the most extraordinary amongst these specialized professions as the subject of their examination is the human body.


Regardless of whether it is examining an injury on a live subject or examining the characteristics of a corpse, it shows that the medical examiners’ psychological capacity is out of the ordinary. They use scientific methods to observe, analyze and identify the subject’s bones, skin, muscles, fats, internal organs, blood fluid and nervous system to deduce the time of death, tools used to inflict wounds, the intensity and angle of wounds and the *psychological state of the suspects when committing the crime. Regardless of whether it is the wounds on a live person or a corpse, they bring normal people great fear. These are normal physiological and psychological reactions that organisms have when observing an injury on their kind. However after a long period of scientific professional training, these have already become an unsightly pebble in the eyes of a medical examiner. There is only one thing in their eyes that they are concerned about-the truth.


Teacher Qin Ming is a distinguished yet ordinary member in the frontlines of forensic medicine. When his book 《body whisperer》《尸语者》(previously named 鬼手佛心) was serialized online, I often could not stop reading and could not stop myself from pressing on the updates. These stories which were born out of real cases cleverly implemented a great deal of expertise and investigative intelligence. These wonderful plots gave off an irrepressible sense of righteousness and as well as forensic optimism and humor. I learnt a lot of useful things from the book. This book has provided me as an excellent reference and foundation towards the research on psychological microreaction of criminal suspects, and has helped me to cooperate with the different specialized departments of the  public security in the long run by laying as a good foundation.

Quoting Teacher Qin’s words, ” At the hottest time of the year, the temperature exceeds the normal temperature of the human body. It also provides the breeding grounds and good environmental conditions for *putrefactive bacteria to reproduce. When many civil servants are hiding in the air-conditioned rooms to carry out the brainwork, the forensic examiners are still under the hot sun, in the wild, in the water,  salvaging, examining corpses of different shapes and sizes. The decay of the corpse changes the appearance  of the corpse daily. **The corpse turns green as the venous network corrupts, then turns black and swells, and then there is the bloated/ giant cadaver state that makes the heads of forensic medical examiners hurt. Regardless of how the corpse has changed, forensic examiners can neither ignore the task at hand nor mess around with the mission.” We can know that in each of the major cases involving injury and death, the cases contains a lot of hard work by the forensic examiners and co.

*腐败细菌 microbial proliferation


Jiang Zhenyu

Director of China Legal Information Center, China University of Political Science and Law

China University of Political Science and Law micro-reaction/ micro expressions research group leader




Body Whisperer尸语者 Book 1 English Translation


Book Title: 尸语者Body Whisperer [also named 鬼手佛心]

Author: Medical Examiner Dr Qin 法医秦明

Book 1 20 chapters


Nine bags of body parts was left on the highway, there is still ice in the bladder that was cut, amongst the 2000 cars that sped past, who is the real killer? The female corpse left tied in the *landfill, all organs had already turned to wax (adipocere), how does one do it, to find out her true cause of death? A call was made halfway, a dull struggling sound was heard, the phantom lurking around the campus, really devoured all those girls? Senior medical examiner Old Qin, with his scalpel, reveals the shocking details of the horrific cases, reaching to the point that suspense novels have never reached before! Mutilated corpse in the barren mountains, tragic family massacres, forbidden campus, wandering spirit on the roads, bones floating on waters, floating corpse….. every case would make you unable to sleep

*it says 垃圾场 but I’m not sure if its the incinerating plant or where they dump rubbish


I have shitty language skills and rely on google translate religiously. TBH you would be better off translating the whole novel on your own. I am okay with constructive criticism and please do mind that I have a heart of glass.

Pub Encounter- Hodo Yorihisa Walkthrough

Chapter One

  • “Are you sure?”
  • “I really want to know.”
  •  “I understand.”

Chapter Two

  • “…Okay.”
  • “Precisely.”

Chapter Three

  • “In that case, I…”
  • “I’m not sure.”

Chapter Four

  • “I asked what he was talking about.”
  • “More than you thought?”

Chapter Five

  • “No.”
  • “…I’ll pass.”
  • “You’re special.”

Chapter Six

  • “That I wasn’t giving up.”
  • “Are you sure?”

Chapter Seven

  • “I said I didn’t think so.”
  • “I said I wanted your love.”

Chapter Eight

  • “Please wait.”
  • “I love you.”

Ending: Best End