Pub Encounter- Hodo Yorihisa Walkthrough

Chapter One

  • “Are you sure?”
  • “I really want to know.”
  •  “I understand.”

Chapter Two

  • “…Okay.”
  • “Precisely.”

Chapter Three

  • “In that case, I…”
  • “I’m not sure.”

Chapter Four

  • “I asked what he was talking about.”
  • “More than you thought?”

Chapter Five

  • “No.”
  • “…I’ll pass.”
  • “You’re special.”

Chapter Six

  • “That I wasn’t giving up.”
  • “Are you sure?”

Chapter Seven

  • “I said I didn’t think so.”
  • “I said I wanted your love.”

Chapter Eight

  • “Please wait.”
  • “I love you.”

Ending: Best End